The Owner’s Manual

Supercharged is the personal portfolio and site of designer Darren Ansley. I currently work as the Senior Designer for SHR designing web sites, user interfaces, and custom web applications.

I am originally from southern Louisiana, and a proud graduate of The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I now live in The Woodlands, Texas, with my wife, son and daughter.

Over the years I have worked in various areas of design starting out with good old fashioned amberlith, x-acto knives and a stat camera. It wasn't long before I moved onto more sophisticated environments in print, web and multimedia. The work featured here reflects a simple, clean and well thought out approach I take when designing, regardless of the medium.

Underneath the hood

All of the CSS and XHTML has been patiently hand-coded, as well as the simple PHP templates that power most of the site.


typekitThe typefaces used on this site are powered by the wonderful service, Typkeit. It just might be the easiest way to use real type on the web.

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